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RN OR Circulator

at United Surgical Partners International Inc (USPI)

Posted: 6/1/2019
Job Reference #: 7599
Keywords: nurse, nursing

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Job Description


1. Makes an initial assessment of and determines the nursing needs of the patient assigned to his/her care, based upon knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span.

A. Identify self to patient and assess the patient's physical and mental status.

B. Checks and completes chart for appropriate consents, lab work, and history and physical.

C. Explains nursing procedures and actions taken to help reduce anxiety.

D. Notifies surgeon and/or anesthesiologist of any pertinent physical or emotional findings.

2. Provides optimal patient care through appropriate planning and implementation of surgical procedures. Identifies and meets the age-specific needs of the patient.

A. Utilizes surgeon's preference cards in providing necessary supplies for each surgical procedure and sets up each case accordingly.

B. Coordinates proportional activities of the OR with other members of the surgery team.

C. Performs the duties of the circulating nurse and/or scrub nurse with the cooperation of other staff members assigned to the room.

D. Respects the patient's right to privacy by keeping room traffic to a minimum.

E. Sees that all personnel are properly attired before entering the room.

F. Remains with patient throughout procedure until delivery and release to recovery room nurse.

3. Demonstrates the ability to give comprehensive nursing care by identifying and meeting the age-specific needs of the patient.

A. Communicates with other members of the health care team as the need arises.

B. Notifies family members of the progress of the surgery and communicates any messages directed by surgeon. Considers growth and developmental needs of family members during each interaction.

C. Accurately records nursing actions on nurses notes and completes the OR record with necessary input from the surgeon.

D. Communicates with the recovery room nurse post-operatively of the patient's status, surgical procedure, and use of drains and/or special equipment.

E. Continuously evaluates nursing care given and acts accordingly to suggestions and feedback of surgeon and other team members to maintain and/or improve patient care.

F. Complies with Infection Control in the packaging of supplies, sterilizing of instruments, treatment and cleaning of each case, etc., as outlined in policy and procedures.

G. Complies with safety regulations as outlined in policy procedures and reports pertinent information to supervisor.

4. Adheres to the standards of nursing practice as outlined in the O.R. policy and procedure manual.

A. Reviews policy and procedures and standards of care periodically and offers suggestions for improving quality care.

B. Participates in the evaluation process annually.

C. Recognizes legal responsibilities and functions within limitations.

5. Full & Complete Participation in the USPI EDGE/CQI program. Data input, reporting, and goal setting.

6.. Acknowledges and seeks various methods of continued professional growth.

A. Recognizes the benefits of AORN and other professional organizations and seeks membership and active involvement.

B. Recognizes the benefits of certification and actively pursues same.

C. Utilizes journals, books, etc., to learn and/or improve upon new techniques and equipment.

D. Promotes professional growth of subordinates by sharing knowledge and/or directing them to sources of information appropriate to given situation.

E. Continued professional growth will be maintained by all individuals by attending workshops, seminars and inservice programs. The surgery

center will offer inservice programs.

7. Cooperates in performing general duties necessary to maintain an optimal delivery of care.

A. Proceeds with surgery cases according to room assignments.

B. Assists with the acquisition, storing and distribution of supplies and equipment, using these conservatively.

C. Informs coordinator/director of any safety hazards.

D. Is responsible for the accountability and administration of medications.

E. Assists other staff members in performing any duty that enhances the delivery of patient care.

F. Assists as necessary with 24-hour follow-up telephone calls to all patients the day following their procedure.

G. All nursing personnel are responsible for terminal cleaning at end of each day.

Required Skills

1. Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing.

2. Licensed to practice in state of Texas.

3. Previous OR experience is preferred.

4. Thorough knowledge of principals of asepsis.

Job Location
Beaumont, Texas, United States
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Beaumont Surgical Affliates (11014)
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Surgical Center
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