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DPS - IOD - Police Comm Operator I-IV (STATEWIDE)

at Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Posted: 4/17/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 00004671
Keywords: service

Job Description


All applications must contain complete job histories, which includes job title, dates of employment, name of employer, supervisor's name and phone number and a description of duties performed. If this information is not submitted, your application may be rejected because it is incomplete. Resumes do not take the place of this required information.

SUBMITTED THROUGH WORK IN TEXAS: Work In Texas (WIT) applicants must complete the supplemental questions to be considered for the posting. In order to complete the supplemental questions please go to CAPPS Recruit to register or login and access your profile. Go to CAPPS Recruit to Sign In:



Now Accepting Applications in the following locations:

Abilene -  Austin - Corpus Christi - Houston - Laredo - Lubbock - Midland -  Pecos - Pierce - San Antonio - Texarkana - Tyler - Wichita Falls


(See Education and Experience Below)

Looking for a career where you can exercise sound judgment to provide emergency assistance in incidents posing a threat to officer safety and the general public?


The Texas Department of Public Safety is looking to hire dynamic, team oriented individuals to originate, analyze, interpret and relay information relating to the safety and wellbeing of law enforcement officers, agency personnel, and the general public in a law enforcement communications environment.  Successful candidates will have excellent communication skills and effectively demonstrate the ability to multi-task. The ideal candidates will be proficient in computer use, have an eye for detail and be able to work in a high stress environment with minimal supervision.


Performs entry level to complex technical duties to provide radio, telephone, electronic (internet based) and mobile in-car communications.  Participates in agency sponsored knowledge and skills development training program.  Coordinates various communications functions; research, intelligence information data gathering, verification and strategic contact with other law enforcement agencies.  Works under close supervision, with minimal latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.


The following Military Occupational Specialty codes are generally applicable to this position. Applicants must fully complete the summary of experience to determine if minimum qualifications are met.  18E, 140A, 205, 040, OAR16, 0621, 06


1. Receives formal and/or information on the job orientation and training to learn the duties and responsibilities of the position and with the interpretation of law enforcement communications procedure.

2. Receives formal and/or informal on the job training to learn FCC rules and regulations and law enforcement computerized systems and databases.

3. Assists inspecting, trouble shooting and maintaining communications equipment.  Assists other personnel and local law enforcement personnel in resolving radio and online computer operating problems.

4. Transmits, receives, and relays official information using established DPS Communications equipment for official DPS business and to other law enforcement officials as necessary. 

5. Compiles and inputs information into databases supporting statistical data on narcotics and currency seizures, traffic crashes, Homeland Security issues and other reports and databases maintained by DPS.

6. Constantly monitors and maintains CAD system for visual and auditory alerts for in-car computers; interpret and process database returns.  Maintain TCIC/NCIC database, location of personnel and equipment and maintains a roster of department personnel. 

7. Develops precise information from anonymous sources providing intelligence on crime related investigations and on criminals listed in the Texas Crime Stoppers program wanted by TXDPS CID and TDCJPD.

8. Searches for and provides intelligence to Troopers and agents including criminal activity reports, criminal and traffic warrants, driver license and DL photos and vehicle registration information, criminal records, public assistance, and status of persons apprehended and to enhance vigilance for Homeland Security and national security issues.

9. Simultaneously maintains close contact with field units, communicating with internal and external agencies to obtain and disseminate information in a timely, accurate manner during serious incidents.

10. Reads and interprets varied radio call locations, maps, and the state highway system for the public, field personnel and other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in order to assist in locating certain geographical areas and to provide appropriate and timely assistance during emergencies and non-emergencies.

11. Exercises sound judgement and resourcefulness to provide emergency assistance, often making life critical decisions instantaneously, with little or no supervision, during critical incidents.

12. Performs an array of clerical, administrative and technical work handling routine and emergency situations, keeping official records, assisting in the administration of the SOP of the Communication Center.

13. Monitors and operates National Warning System equipment and other specialized equipment of nuclear power facilities and nuclear weapons processing facilities to participate in emergency tests and drills.

14. Participates in the preparation and completion of facility operating records and reports for the Department and FCC.

15. Remains vigilant for Homeland Security issues and exercises sound judgment, initiative and resourcefulness to provide emergency assistance in incidents posing threats to the national safety, well-being of officers or the general public.

16. Provides the communication link between field officers and filed offices, and HQ during disasters, civil disturbances and other serious incidents.

17. Disseminates information to legislative and elected officials and state agency representatives as directed.

18. Notify OIG, Victim Services & Psychological Services of activities warranting their involvement.

19. Participates in training entry level personnel.

20. May serve as shift leader and/or assist supervisor with routine administrative duties.

21. May function as the operator in charge in the supervisor's absence, by supervisor assignment, performing duties to include scheduling, routine maintenance, equipment trouble shooting and other duties.

22. Attend work regularly and observe approved work hours in accordance with agency leave and attendance policies.

23. Perform other duties as assigned.



Education - Graduation from a standard senior high school or the equivalent.

– Successful completion of Departmental communications training program. Level II-IV includes completion of Department communications training program and qualifying service as a Police Communications Operator.

Licensure and/or Certification - Must possess a valid driver license from state of residence and automobile insurance upon appointment as a Police Communications Operator.  Out of state candidates who move to Texas, must obtain a valid Texas driver license within thirty (30) days of employment. . Must obtain FEMA; 700-a, ICS-800b, and TCOLE Telecommunicator Certification within 12 months of employment. Must obtain TCIC/NCIC and TLETS Certification within 6 months of employment.

*****Requirements to Receive Experienced Telecommunicator Pay*****

1. Applicant must score a minimum of 82% on the CritiCall Test to receive maximum pay in the designated pay grade.
2. Applicant must have a current TCOLE certification, as outlined in HB1951, or equivalent from their state of employment.  If applicant's employment state has no mandated certification or licensing requirements, the applicant is not eligible to receive the higher pay.
3. Applicant must be currently employed as a Telecommunicator in a law enforcement communications capacity as defined by TCOLE.
4. Experienced applicants will be hired at one pay grade below their corresponding years of experience; (See chart below)
5. Upon successful completion of the Communications Comprehensive Training Program (CCTP) at an accelerated rate, and one year of probationary employment, an employee will be eligible to promote to the pay grade corresponding with their years of experience.  CCTP must be completed within six (6) months of start date.   An employee's failure to demonstrate their ability to successfully complete the CCTP in six (6) months, will be used as a performance measure and subject to documentation of employment and subsequent consequences of failing to perform adequately.  Upon successful completion of all above requirements, the experienced new hire will then progress at the rate established for career progression.
6. Experienced new hires with 0-3 years of experience will be hired at the entry level pay grade, and upon successful completion of the accelerated CCTP, skills assessment performance exam, and one year with the agency, will be eligible to promote to the rank that is equal to their prior experience time up to 10 years of prior experience credit. The PCO must submit a request to promote form (CO-53) and submit through established channels.
7. The same probationary requirements will apply to those hired with experience; bi-monthly evaluations, performance observation reports, mentoring, coaching and counseling.  All these elements will help serve as documentation of job performance.  Experienced, new hire employees, like any employee who fails to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to perform the functions of their position as a PCO, are subject to demotion or termination.

Years of Experience        Pay Rate
   0-1                                2775.08
   2-3                                2960.23
   4-6                                3214.20
   7-9                                3429.21
   10                                4211.73


The physical and environmental demands described here are representative of those encountered and/or necessary for the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job; reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Environment:   Office, Outdoors, Vehicle;
  • Ambulatory skills, e.g. stand, walk, sit;
  • Hand-eye coordination and arm/hand/finger dexterity;
  • Ability to speak, hear, and exercise visual acuity;
  • Driving requirements:    Occasional (up to 30%).
State of Texas Benefits and Retirement Information: https://www.ers.texas.gov/ 

DPS employee who is selected for a position in their current salary group and state title will be transferred with no salary change.

DPS employee who is selected for a position in their current salary group with a new state title may receive an increase up to 3.4%.

Salary is contingent upon qualifications and is subject to salary administration and budgetary restrictions.


State of Texas retirees may be rehired for full-time, non-commissioned positions only under specific circumstances.

All applicants must be citizens of the United States. An original or certified copy of the following will be required: Birth Certificate/Military History, if any (DD 214/Member 4/NGB-22), Credit Report, High School diploma or transcript, GED, or college transcript

Qualified persons should submit their application online. See additional information on the website:


Department employees should submit a copy of the top page of the application to their immediate supervisor. All applicants MUST submit the DPS standard application packet. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE APPLICANT TO SEE THAT APPLICATION AND ATTACHMENTS ARE CURRENT AND COMPLETE. STANDARD APPLICATION FORMS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT ATTACHMENTS.