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About Us

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    Manufacturing/Production (Non-I/T)

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    Manchester, TN

A Global Family

Ravago is, in the true sense of the word, a family company. During its 52 years of existence the family has grown from a local Belgian team to an international group of over 4500 employees across the globe working together in the same spirit of partnership. Within Ravago family values constantly remain important.

Mission and Values

The essence of Ravago can be captured by its values. In spite of being a fast-growing multinational, Ravago insists on maintaining the family culture and does this by promoting close interaction not only between employees, but also with customers and suppliers. We attach high importance to operational discretion and human modesty, and manage objectively with an open mind and a flexible organization. Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth, both by nurturing internal talent and by attracting external talent. Ravago operates as an ethical company pursuing excellence, which is only possible thanks to the company’s most valuable assets: the people.


Ravago has more than 200 subsidiaries located at over 50 countries: each one of the entities pursues sustainable growth. Our continuous ambition is to capture rising opportunities on a global scale. From Belgium to the USA and from Dubai to Hong Kong we supply products to more than 40.000 customers worldwide. With over 4.500 family members working within the corporate organization Ravago manages a tremendous amount of information that is shared on a daily basis through intranet portals and trade tools. This worldwide knowledge is the key that grants us unique strength and a lead position: a worldwide company can only be conceivable because of a worldwide staff.

HR Vision

Ravago houses over 4.500 employees and this is a growing number. As a growing company were committed to nurture our internal expertise and attract external talent. Our Human Resources department is continuously involved in developing our human capital, both within commercial and operational departments. We provide in-house schooling, organize education in various fields, and focus on training management skills. Since we are a private company, Ravago is able to manage a certain level of flexibility, which allows our employees to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of departments. More importantly, Ravago emphasizes the importance of the opportunity to grow: we encourage professional ambition, given the fact that our most valuable assets are our people.

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