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Ship Agent


Posted: 7/10/2019
Job Reference #: 367
Categories: Other/General

Job Description

Houston, TX - SCB

Unit: Positionffitle: Superior: Reporting lines: Absence:


Port Operations, Houston

Ship Agent Agency Manager Superior

In case of absence the superior shall appoint substitute personnel.

In the position Ship Agent shall follow company policies and adhere to company regulations. Cooperation and support of colleagues is expected.

  • Facilitate efficient movement of vessels in Houstonffexas City/Freeport.
  • Pre-plan for husbandry items, services, repairs, and crew change to ensure efficient and cost effective service to all vessels.
  • Maintain professional relationship with governmental authorities, port personnel, pilots, towage companies, line handlers, vetting/sire inspectors, customers, and other key vendors necessary for efficient handling of vessel operations while in the designated area.
  • Prepare and submit proper documentation for U.S. Customs and other Authorities pre and post vessel call.
  • Interface between owners/vessels and external Authorities.
  • Proper knowledge regarding NOR processes to berths (verbal and written).
  • Retrieve and process cargo paperwork per Odfjell Requirements and Guidelines Manual.
  • Ensure gate lists are accurate with current vendor information.
  • Close coordination with Port Operator on all vessel activities.
  • Effective problem solving.
  • Work extensive hours including weekends, and holidays (via cell phone and email).
  • Must pass company physical and be suited for vessel boarding/carriage of packages.
  • Maintain excellent communication skills via both written and verbal.
  • Must either possess Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card) or be able to obtain one.
  • Send out standard vessel pre-arrival email to assigned vessel.
  • Coordinate arrival/departure of vessels with appropriate Authorities (USCG/USCBP) in timely manner utilizing proper forms and/or certificates.
  • Submit 3171 for permission to laden and unladen each vessel, minimum 48 hours prior to arrival at a port location.
  • Monitor submission of vessel ENOA/ENOD.
  • Make a list of owner's items, repairs, services, bunkers/lubes, technicians, vettings, and crew changes that are required during the port stay.
  • Review the AMS filed for the vessel.
  • Review and monitor the Port Operators rotation pre-plan for assigned vessel to facilitate effective vessel call.
  • Ensure vessel has proper customs forms on board for US Customs and assist in completing as necessary (1303, 1304, 1-418).
  • Make appointment with USCG for Certificate of Compliance inspection (7 days prior to vessel arrival at port) and keep John Salvesen in copy for all Odfjell Management vessels.
  • Tender, monitor, and drop NOR to terminals, both verbal & in writing.
  • Set all pilots, tugs, and line handlers for vessel.
  • Complete 1300 & 1301 for each vessel.
  • Ensure a TPE (Telephonic entry) has been granted for cargo operations to proceed.
  • Submit gate list for all berth calls.
  • Deliver cash to master and or sweeping money.
  • Closely oversee crew change, assigning a transportation company per Agency Manager's approved vendor selection.
  • Arrange hotel for crew as needed or requested by Master.
  • Board vessel minimum upon foreign arrival, departure foreign, with no more than 48 hours lapsing unless vessel is at anchor or lay-berth awaiting berth.
  • Always wear proper PPE for entry to terminals and vessels with a Safety First Attitude.
  • Ensure crew watchman is attending gangway attentively whenever you board the vessel.
  • Advise U.S.D.A. (U.S. Department of Agriculture -via Customs) of all vessel arrivals, foreign or coastwise.
  • Collect: Ship Registry, Loadline Certificate,  Safety Equipment Certificate, Certificate of Financial Responsibility, International Tonnage Certificate, receipts for  U.S. Tonnage Tax and User Fees from vessel for submission to Customs along with proper forms.
  • Keep all Houston logs up to date regarding crew change, landed goods, spare parts, critical Customs dates, phone, and Wi-Fi.
  • Arrange for lay-berth as required by vessel.
  • Create SOP and load demurrage documents within 24 hours of calling each terminal. If the vessel remains at the terminal for over a 24 hour period, you must keep both vessel and port operator informed regarding demurrage/cargo document status.
  • Utilize ISS system for the creation and storage of all demurrage and cargo documents.
  • Update ISS system with all KPI dates and times as outlined in the standard Odfjell Tankers AS Agency Guidelines.
  • Communicate with outside owners and ship management companies for time charter and commercial management groups on all husbandry, repair, and services matters.
  • Work closely with Odfjell Ship Management on all crew, service, repair and husbandry matters.
  • File Complete Customs documentation in timely manner (1302, 1302a, I-418) for departure of vessels.
  • Review and code invoices to verify cost and service provided are accurately billed.
  • Provide guidance for U.S. Coast Guard issues.
  • Attend to other matters as assigned by supervisor.
  • High School Dimploma