Siemens Energy, Inc.

Houston, TX

Supplier Quality Engineer

Posted over 1 month ago

Job Description

Supplier Quality Engineer for Siemens Energy, Inc. (Houston, TX). Mstr’s dgr (or frgn dgr equi) in Mchnicl Engnrng or a rltd fld & 2 yrs of exprnce in the job offrd or an accptble alt occptn. In the alt, emplyr wll accpt a Bchlr’s dgr in the abve lstd flds & 5 yrs of exprnce in the job offrd or an accptble alt occption. Mst hve 2 yrs of exprnce w/ the fllwng sklls: exprnce spprtng a stndrdzd spplr qualfctn prcss accrdng to corp gdelnes; clse & tmly invlvmnt in the prdct dvlpmnt prcss of trbne cmpnnts to ensre the mnfcturablty, to prvde tech eval of dsign chngs as inpt to cst impct anlys, to fster erly spplr invlvmnt in the dsign & to ensre tchncal spplr feedbck is incorp’d in prdct def; assist negotitns by prfrmng cst anlys of manfctrng prcss; exprnce applyng prvntve qualty mthds aimd at rsk minimztn; exprnce cordntng prdct/srvce qualfctons & apprvls bsed on spcfc reqs/ spcfcton; exprnce w/ Prdct & Prcss Qualfcton (Advd Prdct Qulty Plnning); exprnce drvng perfrmnce & cntnuous imprvmnt mngmnt & collabng in spplr dvlpmnt prgrms; exprnce implmntng cmplnts mngmnt to dtct & anlyz non-cnfrmnce & communctng w/ spplrs to spprt sustainble prblem slving. Approx 40% trvl req’d. Mail rsms Michael Kellermann, Siemens Energy, Inc., 4400 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32826. Ref MK/MP. Must be authrzed to wrk in US prmnntly.

Sorry, this job has expired.