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Elementary Principal - Andrews

at Austin Independent School District

Posted: 10/18/2017
Job Reference #: 24408
Keywords: professional

Job Description

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04 - Administration: School

  • Elementary Principal - Andrews JobID: 24408
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    04 - Administration: School/Principal: Elementary

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    Andrews ES

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    We are seeking diverse, highly skilled, innovative, talented and passionate district-level administrators to provide vision, leadership and instructional expertise for , and who will share our goal of helping every child reach his/her full potential in a . Please note the following:

      • Applying for this specific campus principal vacancy for the 2017-2018 school year indicates interest in this campus only, and not in any other positions. To be considered for principal vacancies throughout the district, please: 1.) log back in to your application, 2.) add the Principal Pool posting, and 3.) resubmit your application.
      • Applicants in the principal pool will be screened by the Office of Human Resources and made eligible for principal interviews. The District's principal screening committees select six (6) candidates from the eligible pool for each school vacancy to be interviewed by a committee of parents, teachers, and administrators. The committee recommends three (3) candidates to be interviewed by the Superintendent, who makes the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Job offers are made by the Office of Human Resources for administrative positions after Board approval.
      • An online interview may be requested during the screening process.


    Position requires a Master’s degree in education, administrative and mid-management certification as required by the State of Texas. Three (3) years of successful classroom teaching experience and three (3) years of administrative experience are also required.


    This position requires curriculum, instruction, site-based improvement, and professional development expertise. Incumbent must have knowledge about planning, staff development, and personnel management. Incumbent must have the ability to lead, inspire, motivate, and involve others to create quality learning and work environments for students and staff. Incumbent must demonstrate both leadership and management skills, work well with staff and the community, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Incumbent must have the ability to problem solve, handle a variety of administrative duties within tight timeframes, and participate in the Community of Continual Learning. This position requires knowledge and skill in the use of personal computers. Employees in this position must be able to read, write, and speak/communicate in English in order to receive and to provide work-related information in a timely manner to other employees, supervisors, principals, school personnel, volunteers and where appropriate, visitors and students.


    This position is the chief administrative officer of an individual school. Incumbent is responsible for hiring, supervising, and evaluating teachers and staff, developing and implementing educational programs in the school, overseeing extracurricular activities and assuring that Board policies are fully carried out, as well as directing all support services of the school. Incumbent is responsible for the administration of the school programs and services, as well as supervision of teachers, counselors, and other administrative staff at the school.

    • Plans and implements comprehensive extracurricular programs for the school, including clubs and athletics.
    • Meets with assistant principals, teachers, counselors, students and parents on a formal and informal basis to address program objectives and issues, complaints, and grievances; respond to correspondence and phone calls.
    • Performs walk-through of campus to monitor teacher, staff, and student behavior and to monitor grounds and buildings maintenance.
    • Oversees use of facilities, scheduling classes and activities for most effective uses; prepares annual teacher and staff assignments, making adjustments where necessary.
    • Oversees and assists in administrative activities such as reporting on budget, teachers, and staff, and classroom/program activities to the Superintendent and Board.
    • Maintains a positive community and parent relations program, including frequent meetings with local officials, civic groups, parent associations, booster clubs, and the media.
    • Plans and prioritizes annual goals and objectives for instructional programs (including basic, advanced, remedial, and special education) and extracurricular activities with professional staff. Continually adjusts short-term plans based upon updated information and circumstances. Annually prepares five-year plan to establish long-term goals.
    • Assigns basic responsibilities to assistant principals, teachers, and administrative staff. Convenes task forces as necessary. Makes temporary duty assignments as needed.
    • Develops annual budget for the school, often with the assistance of teachers or department heads, and presents the requests to the Associate Superintendent. Manages budget for the school on a continual basis, identifying and making needed adjustments, or requesting changes from the superintendent.
    • Generally assigns permanent and temporary duties to all staff in the school. Organizes and directs special projects and events. Reassigns staff as necessary.
    • Provides assistant principals, teachers, and administrative staff with appropriate policies, procedures, and guide materials. Holds frequent group and individual meetings to disseminate information, both in written and verbal form, on policies, procedures, new programs, teaching methods, and educational objectives.
    • Establishes goals and performance expectations, discipline policies, evaluation criteria by incumbent on an annual basis.
    • Reviews teaching methods in class on a regular basis. Provides formal evaluations in conferences at least annually. Reviews performance of departments and administrative staff on the basis of documented progress in student achievement and project accomplishment.
    • Establishes and implements formal in-service training and development programs for professional staff in the school, including arranging for courses and workshops, and personally holding frequent staff conferences and workshops on teaching methods, new programs, etc. Provides individual guidance to teaching staff on techniques and methods.
    • Counsels assistant principals, teachers, and other staff on professional development, and mediates conflicts with students and parents.
    • Hears all formal grievances and enforces disciplinary action when necessary.
    • Conducts informal and formal annual evaluations of staff. Provides written and verbal feedback on strengths and weaknesses noted during evaluation process.
    • Interviews, selects, and evaluates all employees of the school. When necessary, performs employee terminations. Ensures that approved personnel management policies are fully carried out in the school.
    • Develops and sustains high-quality teachers and staff to advance teaching and learning.
    • Cultivates an inclusive, caring and supportive school community that promotes the academic success and well-being of each student.
    • Establishes a shared vision and culture of high expectations for all stakeholders within a frame of equity.
    • Believes all children will achieve by valuing the benefits of diversity among students, staff, and community through a physically, emotionally and psychologically safe environment utilizing social emotional learning.


    Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required.


    The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Services are generally provided in an office and school setting. Some travel is required. This position may involve possible exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is required for this position.


    This position reports directly to the Associate Superintendent for Elementary Schools. Incumbent receives general supervision from the Associate Superintendent. Performance is reviewed on the basis of documented student achievements, maintenance of Board policies, meeting of established deadlines, operating within established budget, and public comment.

    Duty Days: 230
    Pay Grade: A8

    Salary Range: $86,000-$96,500

    Closing Date: Until Filled

    An Equal Opportunity Employer