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DuraTherm, Inc.

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Fixed-base and mobile recycling services
 DuraTherm, Inc., provides waste management and recycling services, centered on its patented indirect fired thermal desorption technology, to the petroleum and petrochemical industries.  At our Texas City plant (formerly San Leon), near Houston, Texas, we operate two DuraTherm DesorptionSM units with a combined capacity of 60,000 tons per year and receive and recycle more petroleum refinery hazardous waste than any other US company.  The clear leader in indirect fired thermal desorption technology, DuraTherm operates a fleet of mobile units in support of its fixed-base Gulf Coast TSDF services

DuraTherm provides other waste reduction and recovery processes both at its facility and at the customer’s location.  We receive and process metallurgical secondary materials from generators worldwide and offer recovery solutions for petroleum refining and petrochemical metal-bearing spent catalysts.

 Global customer base-
DuraTherm’s facility customer base includes the  major US energy and hydrocarbon product manufacturing companies operating petroleum refineries, olefin plants, pipelines, and terminals.  Specializing in oil and metal recovery treatment solutions, the facility receives waste from generators throughout the continental US, as well as Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands.  We have provided customized mobile thermal desorption services, executed oil recovery projects, and provided engineering support to customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  DuraTherm is currently providing technology, equipment, and operations for the largest oil recovery facility in Asia.

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  "To develop and provide our customers a complete range
 of resource recovery technologies and product alternatives                         that maximize residuals values and eliminate related liabilities".


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